The FGCU Police Department offers the following services to students, faculty, staff, and visitors of FGCU:

Safety Escorts : Request an officer to walk with you to your office, vehicle, or on-campus apartment.

Motorist Assistance : If you lock your keys in your vehicle or need a jump start. We can assist you. 

Physical Security Analysis : We can assist your department with reviewing safety procedures, provide evaluations on your building, office space, or department area to make it a safer environment. 

Traffic or Security Details : Are you holding an event on campus? Do you need assistance with traffic direction or safety? Do you need a security detail for your event? We are available to provide security or traffic assistance. 

Notary Service : We have a notary available for official document verification. Call 239-745-4531 to schedule.

Emergency Management : Our department has an emergency manager who focuses on creating a secure and resilient university with the capabilities required across the whole community to prevent, protect against, mitigate, respond to, and recover from the threats and hazards that put FGCU at risk.

Code Blue Poles/Boxes : FGCU has over 100 code blue poles in various locations around campus including in parking lots and garages for easy access to UPD.

RAVE Guardian App : FGCU has a free app available to faculty, staff, and students that allows users quick access to 911, UPD, or to submit tips to the university police department. This app also notifies faculty, staff, students, and registering visitors of critical information through text messages, email, social media and other platforms. 

Outdoor Siren : Alert siren that is mounted to the top of Griffin Hall that can be heard throughout campus. If you hear the siren, it means seek shelter, await information.

Campus Wide Camera System : Cameras throughout the campus for security monitoring. 

  • Complaint Resolution

  • Police Escort

  • Self Defense Programs

  • Property Registration

  • Lost and Found

  • Fingerprinting

Maps & Locations

Code Blue Poles

Learn about all of the locations of the emergency blue poles are at in-case of emergencies.

View Blue Pole Locations

Campus Map

Find out how to get around campus, tour campus, and see where the FGCU shuttles are at.

View Campus Map


The purpose of the Campus Security and Fire Safety Report is to provide information to the entire campus community concerning crime statistics, prevention programs, and various policies. These reports include several required topics such as Campus Residence Fire Safety, Emergency Notifications and Evacuations, and Notification of Missing Resident Student. The goal of the report is to have an informed and safe community.

The staff at UPD hope you find the information useful and look forward to working with each of you to make our campus as safe as possible.

2019-20 Campus Security and Fire Safety Report

2018-19 Campus Security and Fire Safety Report

2017-18 Campus Security and Fire Safety Report

2016-17 Campus Security and Fire Safety Report

2015-16 Campus Security and Fire Safety Report

2014-15 Campus Security and Fire Safety Report

2013-14 Campus Security and Fire Safety Report

2012-13 Campus Security and Fire Safety Report

2011-12 Campus Security and Fire Safety Report

2010-11 Campus Security and Fire Safety Report

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