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General Education Council

Sweeney, Carol LCOB 2022
Campbell, Rachel- Chair CAS 2023
Huffman, Tanya CAS 2021
Greene, Jackie COE 2021
Rokusek, Steve LIB 2021
Elkoda, Ahmed MCHHS 2021
Kunberger, Tanya WCE 2021
Bouche, Anne-Marie CAS 2022
Stout, Annie SOE 2022
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Team By-Laws

(i) Composition

The General Education Council (GEC) consists of three faculty members from the College of Arts and Sciences; one faculty member from each of the other academic units; Director of General Education (ex officio); a representative of the Academic Advising Council (non-voting); and a Student Government representative. Faculty must teach at least one undergraduate course per year or be a Librarian liaison to an undergraduate program, to be eligible to serve on the Council.

(ii) Responsibilities and Duties

Members of the GEC serve as a unified university entity to preserve and maintain academic integrity of general education curriculum and course offerings, review and resolve curricular issues, assure public accountability by the University, report to the Faculty Senate, and collaborate with the UCT when appropriate.

The Council will have primary responsibility for all curricular aspects of the General Education Program and is the unit-level review body for curricular proposals affecting general education and related university requirements.

The Council will collaborate with the Director of General Education on policy matters related to administration of the program. When the college representative to the General Education Council is not qualified or chooses not to present changes to the curriculum from other disciplines in the college they represent, the team may invite representatives from that discipline to present the changes and answer questions from the General Education Council team.